About Valley Dried Fruit

Supplier of California Bulk Dried Fruit & Nuts

Our family has been farming since the early 1950's and started farming and drying prunes (plums) in the early 1980's. Valley Dried Fruits' primary business is dried prunes (plums) in natural condition and nuts, supplied in bulk or in any size package you request. As growers, processors, and packers, we do it all from start to the finish product.

Farming involves more than most people realize. Farming requires serious long hours and hard work and, most of all, commitment. Our whole family, from my 89 year old grandfather, to my 5 year old son, are involved in our family farm. We might not be a giant corporation or giant packer, but instead, we are a small family business that puts our customers, quality of our dried prunes (plums) and safety first. We deliver superior quality to the marketplace because we are directly responsible for the quality of our fruit, from the time the trees are blooming, to when the fruit is picked, dried, packaged, and shipped.