We sell in bulk or in any size package the customer requests.


Walnuts are nutrient-dense, delicious and versatile, and have higher levels of omega-3s than any other nut. In-shell and shelled walnuts are desired by markets around the world. Valley Dried Fruit Company walnuts are selected for the traits desired by each geographical area, including size, color and beauty. Sizing of in-shell and shelled walnuts is conducted according to USDA standards, and according to each customer's requirements.

Shelled and In-Shell Walnuts
Our new shelling plant began operations in 2015, which means that in addition to a full range of in-shell walnut products, Valley Dried Fruit now offers all types and sizes of shelled walnuts, in all varieties of light and combination halves and pieces.

After drying, in-shell walnuts are sized as jumbo, large, medium, or baby accordng to USDA standards.

Shelled walnuts are removed from storage as needed and mechanically cracked. The shelled material is screened. Kernels are screened into a series of sizes, air-separated from shells, and moved to electronic color graders and shell sorters. Finally, they are hand sorted by trained sorters and certified for qauality and USDA standards.